The Most Efficient Tool for Opening Blister Packs of Medicine

Introducing the Pill Puncher

Pill Puncher: Redefining Medication Management.

Pill Puncher is your go-to solution for effortlessly opening blister packs of medicine.

Our innovative and user-friendly device takes the frustration out of medication management, ensuring you can access your pills easily and without hassle.

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With Pill Puncher, simplify your daily routine and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with efficient medication handling.

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How to use the Pill Puncher- Directions

By following these detailed steps, you can effectively and safely utilize the Pill Puncher to open blister packs and access your medication with ease. Simplify your medication routine and minimize the risk of contamination with this innovative device.

Puncture the package:

Use the pointed edge of the top piece of the Pill Puncher to puncture the back of the pill package. This creates an opening for the pill to be extracted.

Insert the blister pack:

Place the blister pack of medicine into the Pill Puncher, ensuring that the foil/paper side is facing down. Position it so that the pill you want to extract is aligned with the punch hole.

Align the pill:

With the blister pack securely in place, line up the pill you wish to extract with the punch hole underneath. Ensure that the pill is directly aligned with the hole for accurate extraction.

Apply pressure and squeeze:

With the pill properly aligned, apply gentle and even pressure by squeezing the Pill Puncher. This pressure will push the pill through the package and into the sterile compartment within the device.

Dispense the pill:

Once the pill has been pushed through the package, pour it out of the Pill Puncher through the front spout. Direct the pill into your hand or a suitable medicine receptacle, ensuring that it remains sterile and ready for consumption.

Bulk Orders & White Labeling

White labeling the Pill Puncher presents a promising opportunity to enhance your company’s marketing efforts and expand your reach with a product that won’t be thrown away. Make your brand stand out with a new device unlike any others on the market.

Our tiered pricing for ordering and dedicated customer support, makes this an easy win for your organization.

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Meet the Inventor: Nathan Lamaster

Nathan Lamaster, the inventor behind the Pill Puncher, is a Recreational Therapist (CTRS) hailing from Tyler, Texas. With a passion for improving healthcare solutions, Nathan has dedicated his career to making a positive impact on the lives of others.
Drawing from his extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Nathan has successfully founded several businesses throughout his career. His business portfolio includes SMART CEUs Hub, the largest online source for NCTRC pre-approved Recreational Therapy continuing education. Additionally, he has developed CEU Cloud, a mobile phone application designed to help individuals manage their continuing education transcripts and CEUs efficiently. During his work as a practitioner as a Recreational Therapist, he worked predominantly in the Long-Term Care with Seniors and Behavioral Health settings. It was during his work in Behavioral Health, working with nurses who opened hundreds of medications each day which came in blister packs, that he was challenged by the nursing staff to create a tool to use in this environment that was psych safe, efficient, and sanitary. Thus the Pill Puncher was born after 26 prototypes resulting in the best device for this purpose.
Nathan’s passion for enhancing healthcare extends beyond his professional pursuits. In his free time, he cherishes moments spent with his family, including his wife and daughter. He also volunteers at KVNE, the local radio station where his wife works, demonstrating his commitment to serving his community.
Nathan Lamaster’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been recognized through his US Patent (#10,792,223) for the Pill Puncher device and trademarks for both the name and IP.

CBS 19- Pill Puncher on the news!

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